“The same sun shines on us all” – returning to Cserdi

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On 5 April, we held our first regional meeting in Cserdi, where we always receive a warm welcome from Mayor László Bogdán and the entire village. Each time we return, we hear something worth carrying home with us. This time, we will be remembering these words: “I am a real fan of the BFO. If I were the minister, you would be playing your music every week.” Oh, and furthermore, we should remember the message the Mayor gave Laci Herboly, our percussionist, in exchange for a set of drumsticks. 🙂

“The same wind tears at us all

The same rain beats down on us all

The same frost freezes us all

The same sun shines on us all

And then we learned to understand.”

This time, the Lanner Quartet – comprising musicians of the Festival Orchestra – played with our percussionist for the children participating in our Dancing on the Square project. We took a ride in the Dream Car, and the short concert even included some waltz.

The playful icebreakers were, as always, held for the children by Rita Galambos, one of the “mothers” of the Dancing on the Square project and director of the Foundation for Democratic Youth. The kids were also introduced to János Lackfi’s Dancing on the Square rap song, written especially for them. It was a special treat to have Kriszta Bódis present, a Dancing on the Square project ambassador and director of the You Belong! Foundation. She noted that all of the children should be proud of living in Cserdi, and all of the young people should be proud of being welcomed as guests in this special village.

The day would not have been complete without Berci Vári, of course (who not only came up with the choreography, but was also on hand at each regional meeting to rehearse it with the children). Assisting him with this in Baranya was Daniella Kollár.

The following schools participated in the regional rehearsal: the Bükkösd Primary School, an affiliate of the Szentlőrinc Primary School; the Experience Repository Study Hall (With the Power of Humanity Foundation); and the Bártfa Street Primary School in Pécs.

Let the photos, captured by Fanni M. Benkő, speak for themselves: