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A great time had by all at the very useful DanceTeacherOnTheSquareMeeting

On 5 December 2016 the BFO enabled DancingOnTheSquare teachers from different regions to meet at a development training session in the orchestra’s illustrious rehearsal hall in Óbuda.  During the half-day programme we dug deeper into what our actual aim was with DancingOnTheSquare from a social perspective. We were helped by two trainers from the Foundation for Democratic Youth, Rita Galambos and Viktoria Takács, in sharing our experiences from last year. The cohesive power of music and dance helps us adults analyse questions with youngsters such as dealing with religious, ethnic and social differences in smaller and larger communities. Firstly, we sought answers to the question of how a child can best perceive this programme as their own, besides being a musical experience complemented with dancing. At this informal meeting we as teachers were able to share a few pedagogical methods amongst each other that have proven successful over the years. In this phase of the preparations we put together a collection of the most expressive warmup, transition, concentration-development and cool-down exercises that can assist us in delivering a successful and enjoyable performance.

Krisztina Varga