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Preparations for the 2017 Dancing on the Square performance are underway. This means not only that the choreographies are ready and rehearsals are in progress, but also that we are preparing schoolteachers and dance instructors for the tasks and challenges ahead – for we can expect the latter as well. Although the project is indeed very motivating, exciting and unique, the work required to put on a performance demands a lot of commitment, perseverance and hard work from the children, which also means that they need the support of adults.

In this respect, we want to give schoolteachers and dance instructors all the help they need, and it is for this reason that we have put together a methodological booklet with lots of useful information, ideas and practices.

We are also working to ensure that, in addition to practicing, the children also have the chance to take part in other activities in the local community, so that the community created by this shared performance can become one that its members can count on, beyond merely dancing.

In the town of Salgótarján, a very positive process has been launched: volunteers from high schools have organised an interactive Christmas celebration for the Dancing on the Square children (we will soon provide information about this as well).