“Like the beating of a heart”

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We not only played and danced in Kazincbarcika, we also filmed a short movie (which we will be ready to present soon); and, in fact, we also found the time to let out a loud battle cry together.

As for what we learned during the movie shoot: we learned that these kids are thrilled to be participating in the Dancing on the Square project, that they love making many new friends – but the greatest joy is dancing together with so many others.

“It fills us, the dance instructors, with such strong emotions to see the children happy. They recognise and enjoy being the centre of attention. When 400 children dance together, it’s like the beating of a heart,” says Benjámin Losonczi, who heroically led three regional rehearsals this April.

We also learned that the kids enjoy their successes and the attention. And that they are full of dreams. Some want to be wildlife rangers; some tourism managers; and some doctors or engineers.

The young dancers coming from various places are also quick to make friends. After the regional rehearsal, two groups had to hurry off, wanting to make it on time to their next activity together: going to the cinema in Miskolc.

As before, the team of the Foundation for a Democratic Youth was on hand to get the young people in the mood for the rehearsal. This is what our day looked like in pictures – thanks to Fanni Benkő-Molnár for the photos.