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Thanks to you, we can make these special encounters happen again. Step according to your possibilities so that the children can step further as well. Every donation is rewarded.

Tiny step:
3,000 HUF (is 10 €)
We thank you for your help with a loud virtual hurray in the name of the children.
Small step:
6,000 HUF (is 20 €)
We thank you for your step with a Dancing on the Square badge that you can pick up right before the concert in the BFO tent so that you can wear it proudly during the performance of the dancing children.
Big step:
12,000 HUF (is 40 €)
We share with you an extraordinary tuba solo played by József Bazsinka, accompanied by László Herboly; the secret link of the video will be sent directly to you via email.
Huge step:
30,000 HUF (is 100 €)
We invite you and your partner for a concert of the Beethoven-marathon on 3 February and a glass of champagne in the backstage of Müpa Budapest. You can decide whether you prefer the concert at 7 p.m. or 9 p.m.
Giant leap:
60,000 HUF (is 200 €)
We reserve an addressed paper chair for you and your partner in the supporters’ sector of the Dancing on the Square concert on 16 June.
Immense leap:
120,000 HUF or more (is 375 €)
We warmly invite you and your partner for a VIP-reception with Iván Fischer to the Aria Hotel on 16 June, right after the concert.


The higher levels include the benefits of the lower levels as well.

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