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Gathering new experiences continued in August, when together with the Foundation for Democratic Youth we organised a 4-day-long DanceCampOnTheSquare for 42 socially disadvantaged children. Cooperation, folk dancing, new friendships, drama sessions and colourful personalities: these were the highlights of the participating children during the few days in Hollókő, where the accompanying teachers were also able to take part in professional workshops.

With our professional partner we provided children with programmes where, besides music and dance, we also offered playful development sessions around responsibility, commitment, a positive attitude, trust and respect. Gyöngyi Békés and the music students of the Lajos Bárdos Primary School visited us too, and held interactive vocal/instrumental sessions for the campers. In addition, musician Kati Csernus enchanted the kids with a creative session involving colourful sticks, exciting rhythms and tunes, in which the kids played an integral role.

We would love to make DancingOnTheSquare not just a one-off occasion, but a continuous and defining experience for its participants, so we are going to organise other meetings during the year for the children and the teachers supporting them.

It is hard to convey the true atmosphere of the camp, but we’d like to try and give you a glimpse of it with this video