Dancing on the Square Project 2018: Work Is Under Way

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The Dancing on the Square project is set to continue in 2018, with plans to involve 526 students from 24 schools this year. And preparations are already under way! The first and most important step is that to ensure that the teachers and dance instructors working with the children are able to commence this months-long period of rehearsals equipped with the necessary inspirational and educational toolset. Our collaborating partner, the Foundation for Democratic Youth, will be there to support us and will organise two workshops for project participants.

The aim of the Dancing on the Square project is for children to create an artistic production together with the Budapest Festival Orchestra. We believe it is just as important, however, for them to develop a number of other skills during the rehearsals, performances and other related programmes: collaboration, teamwork, persistence, empathy, attention, striving to reach long-term goals and self-discipline. We would like to show that it is possible even for children coming from the most diverse origins and backgrounds to work together in a fantastic way and even to forge lasting friendships.

We heard a vast number of ides and outstanding thoughts, and witnessed so much enthusiasm, at the first session with the educators on 13 January. We are looking forward to seeing the next group on 22 January!