A wedding celebration heard around the world – in Téglás

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We are astonished at our regional meeting each year in Téglás at how intently the children pay attention to one another and by their level of concentration. They were almost 150, yet they waited in perfect silence for the icebreaker games by DIA, and for instructions by our lead choreographer, Berci Vári. Yet the hero of the day was Benjámin Losonczi who, without missing a beat, kicked off this massive joint rehearsal when Berci’s car broke down at Debrecen.

As Ildikó Iván, the heart and soul of the local Dancing on the Square team told us, they have already begun arranging for the second generation of dancers in Téglás: the littlest ones can hardly wait for their turn to begin Dancing on the Square. Educators recognise the value and experiences imparted by the project, and they share these with the students.

The Music Castle revealed that the children have some hidden capacities within: the boys took turns dancing with our harpist Ági Polónyi, while the girls danced with our tuba player József Bazsinka and our percussionist Laci Herboly. We will never forget the joy and carefree looks we saw on the children’s faces! Let’s share these through photographs by István Kurcsák, Dániel Janca and Fanni M. Benkő.

Schools participating in the regional meeting in Téglás: the Ferenc Rákóczi II Hungarian-English Bilingual Baptist Elementary School and Basic Artistic School; the Ferenc Kölcsey Primary School in Pap; the InDahouse Hungary Program (Social Innovation Foundation); the Nyírlövő Affiliate School of the Ferenc Kölcsey Primary School in Pap; the Seven Chieftains Baptist Primary School, Preschool and Basic Artistic School, the József Eötvös Primary School and Basic Artistic School.

The children’s dance instructors: Benjámin Losonczi, Angéla Majoros, Viktória Csabai and Ilona Szűcs.