“They have a face, a life and tousled hair…”

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The writer and poet János Lackfi, an ambassador of the Dancing on the Square project, provided a crystal clear description of what it felt like to be a spectator in Heroes’ Square and to share the joy of 10 June.

I appreciate the opportunity to have been one of the ambassadors of the BFO’s Dancing on the Square project. It was terrific to sit in the sunshine on Heroes’ Square – on recycled chairs, in fact! – for this true celebration of joy.

I was thinking that it is these types of things which advance the world: these critical moments filled with quality music, a historic atmosphere, precise sound amplification and children of very different social backgrounds immersed in the music.

And yet the concert is by no means sterile. There is always a little bit of pushing, cell phone use, of ‘hey, man, where’s Melinda, I can’t see her’, ‘scoot over, let me film this’, ‘look, he’s waving’ and ‘old man, relax already’. And then there are the music aficionados, who try to shush others as though they were in Müpa – which is of course true, but we also entered the lives of so many for whom this was an amazing event – one that they rarely have the opportunity for. They wave as they perform the choreography; they have a face and a life, their hair is tousled; and while they each stand out from the crowd, wearing their identical t-shirts, they blend into and become a part of the whole. This is how we really come together!